Which mattress for the baby?

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Which mattress is right for my baby? What requirements should a baby mattress meet? What do I have to pay attention to when buying? All these questions are typical thoughts of many parents when it comes to choosing a mattress for their baby. In this article we will explain to you which aspects are particularly important when choosing.



The most important feature that a baby mattress should definitely have is breathability. A breathable mattress is designed so that air and moisture can flow freely through the mattress. Babies can roll over onto their stomachs at a few months old or can even sleep well on their stomachs alone. In this position you can lie with your face in the mattress. If the mattress is not breathable, the air supply is restricted and there is a risk of suffocation.

The breathability of the mattress is also particularly important so that the baby bed always stays at the perfect temperature. Babies cannot regulate their body temperature at the beginning. A breathable baby mattress ensures that your baby sweats less and does not overheat.

An air-permeable construction allows air and moisture to circulate freely through the mattress, keeping it dry. This keeps mold, bacteria and mites away from your baby and ensures he or she sleeps healthily.



If the mattress is not firm enough, your baby can sink and there is a risk of suffocation. Therefore, when choosing, make sure that it is not too soft. Since infants' bones and joints develop at an extremely rapid pace in the first few months of life, a stable and supportive baby mattress is particularly important. In general, your baby should sink into the mattress by a maximum of 2 cm - the best choice is therefore a firm mattress .


Stepping edge

The so-called step edge becomes important when your little one begins to get up on their own in bed. This is an edge reinforcement of the mattress core that protects the child from sinking in when standing and thus from accidents in bed. However, if a baby mattress is firm enough, an extra step edge is not always available and is not necessary.


Removable, washable cover

Since liquids such as urine and spit can quickly end up in the mattress of infants and small children, it is important that the mattress has a removable and washable cover . It is also an advantage if the cover can be divided, so the top can be washed in the washing machine while the child can continue sleeping on the bottom. The washability ensures that the baby bed is always hygienic and free of pathogens.



First of all, you should think about your baby's furnishings and the size of the baby bed. Since furniture manufacturers usually do not supply mattresses, you will then have to purchase a mattress for your baby separately. The usual bed sizes are 60x120 and 70x140 cm, with the latter size allowing the child to sleep longer in the cot. You can then purchase the baby mattress depending on the bed size.



A sufficiently firm and breathable mattress is very important for your child's safe sleep. The washability of the mattress ensures that your child always lies on a hygienic sleeping surface and sleeps healthily. If you don't yet have a safe baby mattress for your child, click here .

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