Peaceful and carefree nights from the first night at home.

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Protect your baby with our uniquely breathable and 100% washable crib mattress.

Breathable ☁️

Due to its unique structure, sproutling® has the highest breathability among comparable mattresses. Our mattress is breathable from cover to core.

Washable 🚿

All sproutling® products are 100% washable. Our mattress covers are machine washable and the core can simply be rinsed in the shower!

Better sleep 😴

Breathable products ensure better temperature regulation and a more comfortable sleeping environment. No sweaty backs here!

Recyclable ♻️

Wherever possible, we use organic, sustainable materials. That's why even our mattress core is recyclable.

Two thirds of all conventional baby mattresses are not safe.

This is what the TEST children's mattresses from ÖKOTEST Kinder & Familie conducted in Germany revealed.

ÖKOTEST yearbook for 2023, 130-135

We know what it feels like to be unable to sleep because you're worried your child may roll over on their stomach while they sleep.

The breathable technology through unique 3D structures from cover to core

9 out of 10 parents report more restful sleep thanks to sproutling®

100 night money back guarantee

We are sure that you and your little one will love sproutling® . If you are not 100% satisfied, we will refund you the full purchase price. You can test our products risk-free within 100 days of purchase.

Bye bye, sleepless nights.

Hello, well-rested parents.

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Frequently asked questions

The sproutling® mattress is more expensive due to its high-quality and durable materials, breathable properties and unique features. You can use our mattress for years, while you have to constantly replace mattresses from other brands. It is also produced in Germany.

sproutling® is the first mattress designed with babies' needs for safety and comfort in mind. It is also the first baby mattress that is breathable from cover to core. In addition, its 100% washable for a baby bed that is clean at all times.

Thanks to our unique combination of a breathable cover with an included air layer (world first) with an equally breathable 3D core with many cavities. This allows air to flow freely throughout the entire mattress and allows you to breathe through the mattress.

Try sproutling® for 100 days risk-free. If you are not 100% satisfied, we will refund you the full purchase price. No questions asked.

Our 2-stage design makes it firm enough for your little ones, but comfortable enough for a growing toddler. You can therefore it up to the age of 4.

Since it can be washed down to the core, it is always like new and can then even be passed on to siblings or friends.

The mattress is a bulky package that can only be sorted by hand, which is why the delivery time is approx. 1 week. For accessories such as bed sheets, your order will arrive within 1-3 working days.

Carefully remove the cover using the all-round zipper and wash it in the washing machine at 40 degrees. Pull it into shape and let it air dry lying flat.

Rinse the mattress core in the shower or bathtub with lukewarm water and optionally mild detergent. Shake vigorously to loosen any trapped water droplets inside the core and leave to dry. ✨

1. Only wash the cover if necessary and be sure to follow the washing instructions.

2. You don't always have to wash both sides. Divide the cover into two parts and only wash the dirty side to avoid putting unnecessary strain on the materials.

Our mattress only uses materials that are certified according to OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, meaning they have been tested for harmful substances and pose no health risks to your baby.

It is also fully breathable and 100% washable, making it free from mold, bacteria and mites.