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There is a risk of suffocation with conventional baby mattresses

Babies turn onto their stomachs when they sleep and are usually unable to turn back on their own. If they lie face down on a non-breathable baby mattress, there is a risk of suffocation. Conventional mattresses are not breathable and pose a serious risk to your baby.


Europe-wide independent test results

As if that wasn't enough...

Another suffocation risk with most mattresses on the market is that they are too soft and babies can sink in too deeply. Conventional mattresses are also not washable, so they can harbor bacteria, mites and mould. They are also often cheaply produced and may contain harmful substances. These are further problems of conventional mattresses that can harm your baby's health and even promote sudden infant death syndrome.


Discover the world's first fully breathable crib mattress - Made in Europe

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We understand that you only want the best for your little one, which is why we have developed the world's first breathable crib mattress - Made in Germany.

It works!
Take a look at this test

Take a look at this balloon test and find out why the sproutling® mattress is the best for your baby:

Our revolution lies in the unique combination of a breathable cover with an integrated air layer and a 3D core with numerous cavities. This allows air to circulate freely through the entire mattress and you can breathe through the mattress. Our mattress construction is unique and the key to safe baby sleep.

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400 times (!) more breathable
than other mattresses


The tried and tested sproutling® technology has proven its reliability for a decade. The CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization), a leading institution for scientific and industrial research, has determined in a test that the sproutling® mattress fabric is up to 400.17 times more breathable.

Over 7,341+ happy parents love sproutling!

Join thousands of happy parents who have helped their babies live a safe and happy baby life.

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Sleep Experts are
100 % convinced

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Relaxed start: Ready to sleep without airing!

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Free from unpleasant production odors, your baby can sleep directly on it - without the annoying wait for airing out as with other mattresses. Our mattress core is supplied in two parts. The only work for you is to cover the core with the mattress cover.

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✅ Minimizing the risk of suffocation
✅ Sleep safety for your baby
✅ Made in Europe
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sproutling vs. others

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Bye bye, sleepless nights!
Hello, relaxed babies and parents!


Restful nights start with a breathable baby mattress. With sproutling® , restful sleep is easier than ever for you and your baby.

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